Mistakes are key to escaping the local minima of known art, and is an essential component of true creativity. A perfect machine that can’t make mistakes against it’s own established knowledge can’t create. General intelligence therefore must be imperfect, and be allowed to make mistakes.

Just a different processor

Programs are instructions for computers

Processes are instructions for humans

A software engineer is good in the former, but an engineer is good in both

The two engineers

The poor engineer makes good technologies.

The rich engineer makes good products.

Can it feel?

If you can, with a quantum computer, simulate a brain and every quantum state in it, stepping through its states one time quanta at a time…

Can it feel?

Time amplification

It’s not how you work with the time you have, but how you make the time you have work for you.


…is a neural network’s way of accepting and working on its flaws.

That’s why they learn and excel.

Be like a neural network.